CMS Support » Introduction & Basic functionality

Management system can be accessed from a /manage address of your website.
After providing correct username and password you should be able to see the CMS (Content Management System) home page.
If you have problems with your username and password or you need to obtain new ones please contact us directly.
You will find all contact details on our website


We tailor our CMS to best fit every website we do so the images included in this movie are for illustration purposes only.

The main navigation is always located on the left.

Top section - where you have quick links to your website, CMS home page, File Depository and special pages used by some tailored systems like in this example “Orders” which is our Store package control panel access.

Middle “Sections” - here you have your website content and management sections divided based on your website structure plus few additional systems like our Ezine system. General content pages can always be found in “Other” section.


Most of the sections include actions panels - these are always located in the top right hand corner and near the end of the menu located to the left.
These can be Add category, entry, image, content, edition etc.


Most of the pages have a search facility built on top of the listing page - this can be different for different types of information the list presents but generally after you provide the query and click search it should limit the elements on the listing to these matching the query.

You can easily get to the items you need by sorting the list by any column value either Ascending or Descending


In order to edit, delete or perform other actions to an element of the list you can use the options button located always on the right of the item.

These options vary depending on the list content but all of them apply only to currently highlighted line.


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