Managing Your Email - Hints and Tips

There has been several simple common issues with IMAP and various flavours of MS Outlook that has caused inconviences to a lot of people. We have gathered a few solutions and simple hints and tips here. If you have any others or would like to share yours please contact us and we will update this.

How to manage your email account for your company.


Link to the Email Admin Management Site


How to Set up Your Auto Responder


Any questions please comment or email


Here we will show you how to manage your existing email:

from adding new email accounts 

Changing Passwords

Creating Alias email addresses

Setting Vacation messages

Checking the Log file of the admin address.



Step one

Go to and click on the the large admin Icon


From here then you put in your username and password for the admin section, if you do not have a password, then request this by sending an email to 


But for the purposes of this demonstration you have your username and password. Type this in remembering that both are case sensitive.


Once you have successfully logged in then you can start to manage the email account.


Now that you have successfully logged in you are greeted with a number of options:


Domain List

Virtual List

Virtual List

Add Mailbox

Add Alias

Add Alias Domain

Send Email


View Log




List your aliases and mailboxes. You can edit / delete them from here.

Add Alias

Create a new alias for your domain.

Add Mailbox

Create a new mailbox for your domain.

Send Email

Send an email to one of your newly created mailboxes.


Change the password for your admin account.

View Log

View the log files.


Logout from the system

For the purposes of this video we will only concentrate on the creation of a new email account!


Step Two


Here you will need the following:

Desired email address

preferred password, we STRONGLY advise you choose a strong password as this is the first part of your on-line security, you do not give your bank pin put to people so please don't make it easy for the hackers to get in to your email account! We advise using a strong random password and here is an excellent site to help generate one

List of any Aliases that you may wish to add (another email address that will go to the one account, or other accounts!


So you know the email address that you want to set up, and you have generated the password and the optional alias required, NOW you are ready.


Step Three

Select Add MailBox 


Here you are asked to enter the required initial information

Username WHICH IS the email address, 

the password (you are requested to type this in twice) and the 

Name of the account (this is optional)

The Active and Send Welcome mail tick boxes are always ticket, but you can always untick them if you wish and it will not send the email and not make the account active at that time to receive email, but will allow you to create and log in.


Once you have completed the form then click Add Mailbox

This then creates the email account and its ready for use. N


Step Four

You also want to create an alias for the email account so as some people may have type in a different spelling of the email address, here you then click on the Virtual List at the top navigation and you are greated with all the email addresses 


The first section is the Aliases, it is here you will click the Add Alias,

You are then greeted with the page where you can type in the alias and the email address or addresses that the system will accept.


You can also create a Catch-all alias to go to a specific account, but remember this will drastically increase the number of spam messages that you will receive.


when you are finished just click Add Alias and you are finished.


The next video is how to set an away message on an email address!

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