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Email Marketing Works.

You are reading this because you most likely clicked on one of the links in our Ezines. If so you are gaurenteed to be one of the 5% (minimum) who has cliecked. As the list that your on is highly qualified it increases the chances that you will read and interact with the Ezine that was sent to you. So just imagine that you sent out something like this to your exiting clients or prosepctive clients for your offerings. Do the math, as long as your pricing and product offerings are competitative, the ezine is structured correctly, you have an effective call to action on the ezine, landing page that leads a definate ordering/enquirey page then you should convert your 5% of subscribers to either new clients or  enhanced service clients. But you will also be informing on average (averages also depend on the area of business you are in) that anything from 25% upto 60% of people will open and hopefully read your Ezine. So it will be working for you.

So, you have a list of clients and perspective clients of say 1,000. You have written your Ezine and sent it out and the above criteria is all in place. You could then expect a minimum of about 10-50 from that enquiries/sales. And if everything is equal. So what could that mean to your bottom line?

Email Marketing can be one of the most effective methods of promoting your goods and services to your clients and prespective clients. If you have a social networking presence then you can combine then you should be combineing the 3 methods, your website, Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin (we can also help you with this from training through to managing your campaign) etc pages and your Ezine marketing to really help boost your client interaction, satisfaction and then onto increased sales and revenue!

Over the coming weeks we will be adding a series of articles and how to's to give you the very best advantage in your email marketing campaign, when you become a client you will also receive on a monthly basis more endepth articles and if you are a Platnium Client then we can on a monthly basis help with the ezine reviews to maximise your potential returns.


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