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Ok you want to reduce your spam, well it acutally could not be easier, below is a helpful video we hope that will show you how to reduce this and manage your email.

All you need to do is select the messages in your IN Box either one by one or in multiples and drag them to the SPAM folder (some email clients automatically create their own and usually call it Junk, do not move them in here it will not allow your email system to train, if there are any messages in here please move them to the SPAM folder).

By following the steps below it will manage your email and reduce your spam to a trickle in a VERY short time. Simple things to remember, to multiple select messages, use the CTRL key and click on the messages or to select a group of emails go to the top, click once, then go to the bottom of the messages and hold the SHIFT key down and left click on the last message and it will select all. Then whilst holding down the left mouse key drag the messages over to the SPAM folder and then release, this moves all the messages to the SPAM folder and helps then train your system to stop these from reaching you again.

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