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This is a common issue in Outlook 2003 and 2007 and some versions of Outlook express when you are connecting to an IMAP server and it generates this code.
Essentially it is the email client (Outlook ver XX) trying to go to the server to retrive the mail headers to display like it does with pop. BUT, since IMAP is a live connection from your computer to our IMAP server there is no need for this as when email comes into the IMAP server it almost instantly appears in the email program. This doesn't happen with any other email program.
To clear this message do the following:
In MS Outlook 2007, click on 'Tools'
  1. Move mouse over 'Send/Receive' to bring up additional menu
  2. Move mouse over 'Send/Receive settings' to bring up additional menu.
  3. Click on 'Define Send/Receive Groups'
  4. Under the Setting for Group "All accounts", uncheck box which reads "Schedule an automatic/send receive every....". 
Also uncheck  the box under "Schedule an automatic/send receive every...." under 'When Outlook is Offline'
In Outlook Express (but it rarely displays this message) you can also do the following go through this simple steps:
  1. Select Tools in the Nav bar
  2. Choose Accounts
  3. Then Click properties in the relevant Imap accounts
  4. Under General Tab uncheck "Include this account when receiving mail or synchronising"


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